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Panamoney (managed forex account with 100% principal protection)

Let me introduce another excellent investment company today. It is An excellent company that provide services to managed your forex account, allowing newbie traders who have totally no experience in forex, but wishes to tap on the forex money to earn their income.

The deposit options are many: including Alertpay and several other e-currency processors. There is also bank wire transfer available (but limited to minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts of at least USD1000, I will personall recommend this bank wire options for serious traders with larger deposit of more than USD1000, as there is no point letting those e-currency third party processors from earning ridiculuous interest rates when you transfer your e-currencies back into your own money: imagine you earn 10k USD with a third party transfer rate of 3%, you need to pay the third party USD300!!!!)

This company is truly legitimate as there are several reviews from online forum like with several users (close to 100 plus users posting their earnings and balance withdrawal from the company) but as a rule of thumb, DO NOT INVEST more than you can afford to lose, that means do not foolishly put in your life savings, hoping for a one-go profit reap! Even a legal company can collapse at anytime due to debts or bankrupcy. In another aspect, it's interest daily is reasonable as it is variable based on the forex market which they will provide you transparency in our much the forex market change daily (e.g. +0.56% or -0.02% etc.)

Another plus point for Panamoney is its 100% principal amount protection. Under their insurance policy, Panamoney guarantees 100% on any day when the forex market (esp EURUSD) shows negative earnings aka losses. Panamoney will no incur the loss on your principal amount, and you will only get zero profit on that day.

There are 4 currency pairs (eurusd, gbpusd, usdchf, usdjpy) and 2 commodities(silver/usd, gold/usd) you can choose from each day. This is the unique point of Panamoney that allows you to have a certain extent of influence on which pairs to choose per day (you can choose all if you are unsure which to choose by default).

The disadvantage for Panamoney is that they do not AUTO-compound your interest, you have to manually deposit your interest into your principal amount (This is similar to, but such options made the company more credibility as they will be more able to survive in the long run by not having to pay too much profits or earnings to their clients)

Another disadvantage is its lock-in period of 180 days for all deposit, and that if you deposit an amount greater than the previous deposits, the 180 lock-in period will restart to day 1. But with all these policies in place, it made me more confident and have more reason to believe that the company is planning to run this business in the long run based on sustainability, that is why they have to concern about clients devoting their money for a fixed amount of time.

In summary, Panamoney has excellent interest daily, with the flexibility to choose between which currency pairs to use, and ensures 100% principal protection so you do not have to worry about total losses; however it has a long lock-in period of 180 days and has NO auto-compound interest function; but will all these elements in, it increase the credibility of this company able to sustain in the long run, which is the most important factor for us to do investments.

Interested to check out more? Why not go to the link to check out its main website here! has become a scam site. PLEASE TAKE NOTE. IYMO has denounced its status!

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