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Alternative Ways to Make Money Online

Today, I shall introduce you into other methods of online moneymaking strategies that can help you generate income for yourself online.

Ad publishing

Ad publishing is actually to be an ad publisher. Being an ad publisher allows you to earn money from ad network companies by just hosting their ads on your website. You will get paid whenever a visitor visits your page or click on your ads depending on your ads type. More details on ads type will be discuss on a later issue.

These companies include our popular Adsense, Tribal Fusion, Valueclick media, Adbrite, Casale Media etc. These companies has of course criterions that restrict some groups of publisher but if you have a decent website with decent content, there is not much to worrying about getting registered as a legal publisher.

After getting signed up by any of this companies, you need to generate a short javascript ad code that you will paste onto your website. The location or technically, web placement, will affect your ad revenue and payment. For example, a placement on the top of the page will be of course higher paid than an ad placement on a bottom right corner.

Domain Trading

Domain trading is just like property trading maket in the real world. Domains are net properties. Rich domains like and worth alot more than any other site because of their traffic. Yes, the networth of a domain lies in the amount of traffic that visits it everyday.

So one may question about how much can I really earn from buying and selling a domain?

Interestingly, domains are worth far more than we imagine. Normally before becoming a webmaster myself, I can't understand fully what was the dotcom bubble back in the year 2000, and these companies, like, earning millions or billions of annual revenue. However, now I completely understand how valuable a domain can be; Youtube was sold to Google in November 2006 for a price of 1.65 billion dollars. I believe most of you must be wondering Google must be really mad using this humongous amount, enough for buying over a dozen of expansive housing properties, to acquire a mere Youtube.

The amount of revenue websites similar to youtube can generate more than billions per year worth of advertisements. The online business is a whole lot of opportunities for more money and the limit is endless because the Net has no limit.

As domain owners, each of us will try ways to work into improve our traffic, and hence the networth of the website so that it can fetch an excellent price on auctions like Ain't it the same as housing property auctions? Think again.

Affiliate Marketing

In the 21st century, the advent of Internet has boost the service sector significantly. Here is the time where you do not need to bulid your own factory to sell products online. In fact, you can still earn tens of thousands a month with great affilitate products line up online for you to sell.

How it works?

You sign up an account. Get a tracking ID, and then post the product links and sales links on your site or email signature. Whenever someone clicks on your link, and bought a product via your link, you earn a commission between 5 to 70% depending on the product type. That means every 10 dollars spent, you will get between 50 cents to 7 dollars in commissions. Not much huh? How about multiplying 5 a day, and see how much you can earn at the end of a month? 5 x 0.50 x 30 = $75 or 5 x 7 x 30 = $1050. Yes you will earn between 75 to 1050 per month.

That's just a rough estimate but of course, you still earn a hefty amount! 


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